About Stuart

Dr Stuart Watt
Chief Technology Officer, Turalt

I am a transdisciplinary systems architect, product designer, developer, and researcher in intelligent technology, underpinned by deep knowledge and experience across computing, artificial intelligence, cognition, the social sciences, and bioinformatics. My expertise ranges from business and psychology, art and philosophy, to technology and healthcare, and I have over 20 years of experience researching, designing, and developing intelligent systems for complex, data-rich applications across these fields. As a highly experienced professional developer with a product-centred focus, I have a proven record transforming concepts into successfully adopted and implemented solutions that are usable, performant, and engineered to industry standards.

I am currently co-founder and chief technology officer for Turalt, bringing together AI and cognitive models to give people real-time feedback, advice, and analytics on their email communication. I also run Meet-O-Matic, the world's simplest meeting scheduler.