About Stuart

Stuart Watt

Dr Stuart Watt is a consulting developer and former academic researcher with proven experience transforming rough ideas and hard problems into well-engineered technology, whether in small businesses, multinational corporations, or the public sector.

He loves to transform challenging concepts into solid, well-engineered, technical solutions. He’s led the development of commercially-successful products in fields ranging from scheduling to application development to clinical decision-support. He's led teams working on large-scale EU-funded research projects, NIST-sponsored information retrieval competitions, and corporate knowledge management systems. Stuart is a passionate advocate of “slow technology” — prioritizing positive human experience as an essential part of the modern world. To guide that balance, when he isn’t working, he enjoys hiking, nature photography, writing, and foraging for food and drink ingredients.

Stuart is a skilled mentor and communicator with experience leading both research and development teams. He particularly enjoys empowering a team with new skills. His breadth of technical expertise ranges from artificial intelligence to the web, from databases to interfaces, from embedded systems to browser extensions, using tools ranging from JavaScript to Java, from Python to C, and from R to assembler.

Today, Stuart works as a freelance technology consultant. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, call Stuart today — maybe together, you can create the solution.